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Documentary - 60'

The life, struggle and challenges of the world’s best MMA coach to overcome obstacles and fight for the podium.

MMA in Brazil is known as Vale Tudo. Andre Pederneiras has one of the most famous and successful teams in the world. The lives of his fighters follow similar stories: childhood poverty, abandonment and starvation. Pederneiras is not only a coach but also a father for these men who come from all over the country to fight, win and hopefully change their destinies.

“Fighting to Win” follows the determined coach working with Jose Aldo, Renan Barão, Eduardo Dantas and other fearless champions confronting arduous physical and mental challenges to become winners of the biggest events of the world.

Shot in Brazil, the United States and Europe, the film has also others world known MMA icons, such as Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian and UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer.

Brazilian famous musicians of the black music and Brazilian Bossa Nova (MPB) specially composed the sound track:

MV Bill a rapper born in Rio de Janeiro, Cidade de Deus is a social activist, musician, writer and director, Gabriel Moura, composer from former Farofa Carioca band, lyricist of Seu Jorge, Pupillo, drum player of Nação Zumbi band and Felipe Ret considered a promise in the new generation of rappers.


Direction: Leandro Lima
Co-direction: Roberta Salomone
Script: Ana Abreu e Leandro Lima
Script Colaboration: Raphael Scire
Production: Vinícius Dônola e Roberta Salomone
Production Supervisor: Eduardo Galetti
Executive Producers: Alessandra Côrte, Lygia Barbosa e Luba Agostino
Editing: Helena Chaves e Yan Motta
Post Production Coordinator: Marcus Pavani
Post Production: Psycho N' Look
Sound Post Production: Input
Production company: Tru3Lab

Fighting to win
Fighting to Win
Fighting to Win
Fighting to Win
Fighting to win
Fighting to Win

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Produced by Studio Alarcón Mantegari