Script and Realization: Tru3Lab for Samsung Brazil 
Video exhibited worldwidely, in digital medias, events and at Korean Film Festival.

We went to Amazon to tell a story of volunteers from two distant countries. Samsung headquarters workers changed Seoul, capital of South Korea, to a community, on the edge of Negro River, in Amazon.

40-minute distant from Manaus, the capital of the state, there is a community named after São João do Tupé. “I asked a Korean volunteer that was about to get into the boat if she had already seen a river such as Negro and she replied, laughing: ´I thought it was the sea!’”, remembers the director Lygia Barbosa da Silva. Samsung sent to this paradise 30 workers that, although on vacations, were there to make social services. They used to spend about 10 hours per day in São João do Tupé, where they taught informatics and also rebuilt a hangar on the center of the island, that will serve as event center for the community. The challenge, after one week, with hours and hours of rough material, was to create a short film that would tell everything that happened, with poetry and emotion.

The partnership and confidence given to our crew by Helvio Kanamaru, Citizenship Manager Latin America, allowed us to create this video and make this story travel the world. It was during this project that Tru3lab had the opportunity to get closer to the Koreans, create a new relationship, with trustfulness and friendship that have been being successful.


Executive Production: Lygia Barbosa and Alessandra Côrte
Direction: Lygia Barbosa 
Photography: Tatiana Lohmann and Humberto Bassanelli
Sound: Bruno Lohmann
Editing: Nani Garcia
Production: Jean Robert Cesar
Script: Raphael Scire
Soundtrack: 11:11
Post Production: Psycho n’Look
Production company: Tru3Lab

From Seoul to Tupé
From Seoul to Tupé
From Seoul to Tupé
From Seoul to Tupé
From Seoul to Tupé
From Seoul to Tupé

© Copyright 2022 Lygia Barbosa - All Rights Reserved. 
Produced by Studio Alarcón Mantegari